Big Game Prototype Update!
We got back from GenCon a few weeks ago, and we had a blast showing our board games to publishers and designers and seeing them around the convention.  Twilight Creations was running demos of our cooperative game Jupiter Rescue all weekend, and we talked to Tasty Minstrel Games about some very exciting plans for our "build-your-own-worker placement" game, Chimera Station.  Mark and I spent a lot of the convention pitching our newest prototypes to publishers, and Contraband, Blazing Spuds, Oceanica and Strife are all now under review!

While we wait on news about those, we're printing up some big updates to Brains, Grains & Trains and plan on getting some solid playtesting of that and Oceanica at Celesticon in Fremont over Labor Day weekend.  If you're in the Bay Area, stop on by and give them a whirl!

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