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BIG MAN territory

Hi everyone! a lot has happened since our last post--the Kickstarter campaign has rocketed up to 77% (, we've done some podcasts and interviews (, and there was this quaint little show in lovely San Diego...anyone of you ever heard of Comic Con?!?

Yep, we were there. :) In fact, some big news out of San Diego that we will be breaking to everyone here soon. To quote Samuel L. Jackson: Hold on to your butts!

And now... BIG MAN:

The “Big Man” is the local 'boogey-man' for the kids at play on a

small vacation island off the coast of Maine. But it only takes one

careless moment for a magical summer to becomes a lifetime's regret…and

the local monster is an all-too-convenient scapegoat.

Writer C. M. Beckett and artist Gary Fitzgerald explore the

coming-of-age aspects of Mary Shelley's great novel in “Big Man,” a

story of child-like desires and adult consequences. The digital download

includes extras you can ONLY get online, including a BONUSpage from

“Smooshenstein,” a mini-series by Damien Lucchese, art by Maritsa

Patrinos, featured as part of extras in this digital download.

UNFASHIONED CREATURES is a collection of over twenty monstrous, moving

and mirthful tributes to Mary Shelley and her legendary tale,

Frankenstein. A host of creators have sewn together comic shorts,

short-series and original artwork sure to inspire equal parts terror and

wonder. Edited by Enrica Jang.

Click the link to read about the artists, and check out the attached PDF! Don't forget: patrons also get 15% off everything in Red Stylo's online store (enter the code at checkout). This week's code is: PATRONSAINT717, and you can visit

the NEW SHOP at

Thanks everyone! In two weeks: ISOLATION

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