The Big Map Bundle (001) (No Longer Available)

The Big Map Bundle has 7 maps and 7 tiles. There are two versions of each map: printable and for virtual tabletops. It also comes with 42 tokens for use on the VTT maps.

The printable maps are 11x17 300dpi CMYK and are made to be printed out so they can be used with minis. These maps are in PDF format to make printing them as easy as possible. 

Please note that the paper minis are for demonstration purposes only and are the sole trademarked property of Paizo.

The printable maps shown here were printed out and mounted on black foam board.

The virtual tabletop maps are 11x17 70dpi RGB. They are in .JPG format to make them small and less resource heavy.

The tokens are made to be used on the VTT maps. Once the map is stretched out to the right size the icons will also be the right size for the map. You will not need to resize them. 

Please take note: tokens were not made to be compatible with other map products and have not been tested on anything but my maps.