Big News! - Comic Delays, 2 week Hiatus
Unfortunately, LilBruno Comics, both ILML and Sydney's Pokemon will be missing updates for 2-3 weeks. 

My Wacom Cintiq has broken and I have to get it sent in for repairs. I do have an older Wacom Bamboo tablet, but I am considerably slower with this tablet because of the unfamiliar disconnect and the quality of my work suffers as well. 

The extended time it would take to do comics as well as enduring the last two weeks of school with final projects has made me come to the decision of doing this mini hiatus.

I apologize for this delay. It's really unfortunate and heartbreaking to plug in my Wacom Cintiq earlier today and find that it won't turn on especially with dealing with big final projects for school simultaneously. I hope it fixes sooner than expected, I love working on my comics...

I will keep you all updated as I hear more news on the repairs. I will return as soon as possible!