Hey all! Doc here! Got a sweet update I am trying to get done before this week's episode of SGTVA?

Got a lot of Points sitting around with nothing to spend them on? Well now you can pay OTHER DEVS to share your game! Soon you will be able to assign a new Game Value option that will increase the amount of Points your game is worth to share. 

We pay each user 50 Points to share a game, but you can add up to 10,000 more Points to a share, thus making your game worth anywhere from 100 to 10,050 Points! There will also be a new page telling poor devs which games are worth the most to share. Keep in mind that this could result in you going into NEGATIVE Points! We will be monitoring accounts that do so, and I will try to set up a system that will do this more automatically and keep you out of the red.

In any case, look for this cool update today (I hope). It's almost done, but Murder Bear wants us to hurry up and get going on this week's episode.