Big Passport Problem
This week, we went to Miami to get an expedited kid passport and learned that we would be delayed.  Aubrey's ex-husband is in jail, recently sentenced to 17 years in Federal Prison.  Logic would tell you that the incarceration together with a valid divorce decree and child custody agreement would be enough to get a passport, but it wasn't.  

We shared our pain as we learned that we needed to terminate this man's parental rights and Robb's plans to proceed with an adoption.  The ex is a sociopath and nothing good can be said of him.  

Sometimes life throws you a lemon and you just have to make some lemonade.  We share that we are in Full-time find a sail boat and sell our boat mode, since we will be delayed in getting out.  This is high season to sell a boat in the Florida Keys (January) so we will try to make the most of it.

Thank you so much for your kind support for us and our family's journey!  All the best!