The Big Patreon Update
Hey everyone! I'll be leaving this open for everyone to see (including those not supporting me on Patreon) but all future monthly posts like this will be locked to Patrons only.

So it has been quite a month this month, in terms of big changes to a number of things including my Twitch streams, stream crew, future plans for videos, new Discord server, etc. Patreon wasn't left behind though and has undergone some changes as well as you may have seen with the much improved and better fleshed out rewards system.

As usual I'll be sending out a Patreon message to everyone who supports me here with details on how to claim the various rewards that are set up, but for this month I'll be including everyone in that message. Normally it's just those who donate enough to claim a rewards, but this month everyone should be made aware of the changes.

I'll now also be making monthly posts just like this with plans, stories, and general behind the scenes info which everyone in the $3+ rewards bracket will see. Hopefully it will provide some interesting insight and it's just my way of giving a little something back every month.

For now though I'll just say thank you all so much for being here and supporting me on Patreon. That you guys have chosen to go the extra mile and help me make videos directly because you like what I do enough to warrant it makes me feel incredibly good and continues to encourage me to do better,

Seriously, thank you <3