Big Summer Plans
Hey Everyone,

We've got a lot of entertainment for you in June and July. We're planning to have 3 live shows each month. The next one will be June 4th.  

We're playing a lot of new hilarious games like Humanity Hates Trump, A Million Dollars But..., Who Tooted, Joking Hazard, Good Cop Bad Cop, and a lot more.

We will also be appearing at Vidcon this June and doing a live broadcast there with special guest appearances.

Don't forget, if you're at a high enough level you will get access to some or all of these live shows.

We're also going to start reading Youtube comments so don't forget to comment after you watch the edited episodes on Youtube!

Thank you again for your support, you make the show possible.  And if you have any questions or ideas for how we could make our Patreon more exciting for you, just let us know.