Big Thank You for 2016
So it's the Last Month and Day of 2016 and I wanted to let out a big thank you, I know I have not been active as much as I wanted to be this past year when I started on patreon but I can say happily that I have come much further not only in my art but in my projects thanks to the support I have been given by the people around me. 

So for that I want to say  Thank You to Everyone that keeps pushing me forward to continue everything I've been doing this year and I am excited for what comes next year!

I would have never been able to even start or come as far as I have with out the people backing me up as I have now. Lets move forward to a new year in happy spirits and get things moving faster to finished goals! 

Once again thank you so much, I couldn't do any of this with out you.

 ONWARD TO 2017!  ୧⍢⃝    ୨