A big thank you to our newest Patrons!
Here is a big shout out to Jason and Leon, who just joined us in supporting this Channel. THANK YOU very much! 

I have big plans for the future and you are part of the journey.

New Topics:
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Extra Content:
As a Patron you now have access to all my Affinity Files, that are provided as "Patron Only" posts right here on the page. Sometimes I even throw in extra content, like our huge Grunge Map Collection that is ready for you to use.

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Growing the Channel:
Your voice counts. Help grow the community and reach community goals to unlock even better content. Things I have planned for the future are Live Streams, in-depth lectures that span several videos, longer tutorial versions for patrons that go into more detail and show more examples. All you got to do: Tell your friends about my channel - easy and free :)

Welcome to the community!

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