Well, chances are pretty good you've seen this post  at the Retronauts blog, but just in case you missed it: I'm rolling this Patreon campaign into Retronauts as the show's de facto video component and, with any luck, hope to make the act of discussing and chronicling video game history my full-time focus. 

Basically, by contributing to this campaign, you're allowing me to pursue more and more frequent video productions. By contributing to the other Retronauts campaign, you're allowing me and Bob to create more and more frequent podcasts and develop the Retronauts website. Either way, it means more in-depth coverage of game history beginning in Februrary of next year. So please tell your friends about us! Signal boost! We have always relied on the kindness of strangers, now more than ever. Thank you and please (hopefully) look forward to more and better video retrospectives in 2017!