Dear Loyal Patrons,

I know it has been a while since my last update. I will try and do better about updating you more consistently. I am really truly grateful to all of you for your loyalty and the monetary aid you give to my dreams!

I would like to let you know that your contributions to me have led to the purchase of Acrobat Pro DC (one-year license)‎ which I have found is crucial for me to be able to make the necessary PDF edits to my comic book so I can ready it for the printing process. 

Once I have Maiden in Disguise Volume 1 print ready I will be going through the Print On Demand services of either IngramSpark or CreateSpace. Though I am leaning toward IngramSpark the Initial cost of set up is more expensive, with a 45$ set up fee and then the ISBN purchase of 55$. But the Book its self should be higher quality, more profitable toward me and the distribution is much larger. Where as CreateSpace is free with no set up fees and they provide an ISBN for me. The cost per book is more, making my profits low, and the distribution is strictly

We are so close to getting the book out there for all to read! Just please keep being patient with me. This is a lot for one person to be taking on and I am doing my best.

Once again, Thank you all so much! This would not be possible with our your loyal contributions!

Stay Strange,