Big Update, Active again!
Hey everyone, I bet a lot of you have been wondering where I've been. Last time I was able to really able to update here much earlier this year with some adopts. It's been a while since I've been well enough to actually get back to work. I had a hard winter and an ever tougher spring. North Dakota took a long while to warm up, even had a cold June!

Around May I began to take physical therapy to help cover loss function of most of my body. The first time I went in my PT said I wasn't allowed to walk, stand, use stairs, or do any strenuous activity while working with her until she gave me the okay. This was rather upsetting news at the time, but as the weeks went by and I worked hard with my doctors I began to move much more fluidly again! I'm happy to announce during my last session of late July I was given the A-OKAY to move about as I pleased, with care of course, and even begin to work again so long as my health permits. This is such exciting news!

Now we have a lot of work ahead of us, well okay mostly me. But I'm excited to get you all involved as I work through the list of to-do's!

Over the past week I've been working hard to revamp most of my Tumblr Blogs to include links to all my websites to help support me as I practice getting back to work. I even gave the old pony blog, Cafe Delights, a massive make over and have changed it to the new and clean blog Cloverly Ponies!

Cloverly Ponies and Dessert Ponies on tumblr will be my first two blogs I get active again and will be discussing on patreon with anyone who pledges $10 or more a month. You will be a part of the character discussion, story progression, and even possibly have your character featured in Cloverly Ponies or Dessert Ponies! I'd love to include more background characters and users on my patreon get first dibs to those spots.

I see my patreon is extremely fortunate to still have met 2 of my milestones even while I was sick and unable to be active online. The first mile stone is guaranteed monthly updates about Cloverly Ponies or Dessert ponies, just to help me stay on track. Pledges of $10 or more get to decide which ask blog comes first! Next milestone is the Biweekly streaming. This means every 2 weeks I'll be setting up public streams, they will be commissions streams, personal work, ask blogging, adoptables... The list is endless! Just means I need to stream a lot more often? I don't have firm dates set for my streaming just yet, but we'll work on that together patrons!

Now let's pause for a moment. While I was sick and unable to attend online activity, work, or patreon I had a lot of $20 pledges that went unrewarded. I'm going to begin working on my etsy shop reopening and that means I'll have lots of new designs for prints and buttons I need to test out! I'll be going through my Patreon logs to see who I need to contact and send them the rewards they paid for of the new merch to come. I do not have a firm date yet for when these will be ready, but I will be actively posting on patreon to keep you all up to date on what's being designed and worked on. Future $20 pledges will be continue to be rewarded after they have paid in 1 month!

What to look forward too! I will have a big bundle of 2014 artwork zipped up and I'll make a zip of the artwork I've made for 2015 so far to also update with! I also have a bundle of tiles to share with my patrons! Every Wednesday I'll be posting a patreon update of full sizes of artwork, free to use items like wallpapers/tiles/icons, WIP items for the etsy shop, and coupons for the etsy shop when it's reopened!

Pledges of $20 or more get exclusive request rights for merchandise discussion. Think a fandom needs some love? Want to see your favorite characters as prints, buttons, or other items? We're happy to discuss it here! I might not be able to oblige everyone, but I'm going to take all your suggestions seriously.

Now I'm off to get those zip files ready for you all. Again, thank you everyone for supporting me. It means the world to me that you continued to do so even while I was too sick to push on. I'm going to work harder than ever for not only myself, but for you all as well!

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