Big Update: SSFF's Plans for March, April, and May
Happy March everyone! 

Real quick, we've received your pledges, so thank you as always for you support. Our new video, a Past Mortem on Guillermo del Toro, will go live on youtube tomorrow morning but you can still watch it early here,

We just wanted to share a moment of reflection with you and get you up to speed on SSFF's going's on's right now.  Grace and I just wrapped up our weekly meeting and we realized we almost have too many projects in the works! We'll see if we can actually follow through on all this but we've got a full schedule all the way through April and into May.

It was an incredible revelation because March 22nd will mark the one year anniversary of the Hotline Miami 2 review which was the soft reboot of SSFF (the full reboot came May 1st with the launch of this Patreon or perhaps May 20th with the first proper review, Monster Party). The major goal for 2015 was just to get back into the flow of making videos, and for months we struggled just getting one video out in a month. But practice makes perfect, and all that doubt and anxiety (well, most of it, haha) has melted away! I can't even imagine making just one video a month now. In fact, since  November, we've produced at least TWO videos a month, and now we're gearing up for THREE videos a month. And we haven't even been doing this for a complete calendar year yet!

Here's a rough rundown of the next few months (all subject to change, though)

March: Resident Evil Month

Earth Defense Force 4.1 Review (w/ Eric Lappe from Let's Get!!)

Resident Evil Anniversary ReCert Review

Resident Evil Punching Weight

April: Dark Souls Month

From Software Punching Weight

Demon's Souls / Hidetaka Miyazaki Past Mortem

ReCert: Souls Retrospective 

*Maybe an IIRTB?

May: Doom Month

Doom Ports Punching Weight

Maybe also a Wolf 3D Punching Weight 

Probably an IIRTB

This might mean that Is It Really That Bad might not happen for a while because we don't have much room for it! And I know this may seem like one hell of a schedule but don't worry about us. This was always the longterm goal and we've been training for this! We want to work hard for our fans and supporters, we want to keep pushing ourselves to make better video, more often! And that's what we're going to do.

That's it for now, we've gotta get back to work. See you again real soon!