Big Website News
Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays!  There are exciting things coming to Flowtricks.  

I wanted to start out by saying whats coming up...


- Facelift: I'd say by the end of next week, the whole feel of Flowtricks website will shift! I bought a new menu system and also looking at migrating over to a new theme.  The current one is great except one glaring thing, which is that the menu system is very complicated for most people.  I'm trying to simplify the website so people will feel more at ease navigating it!  

- Instruction videos: Before the end of the year, I'll have a rudimentary database of almost every technique that I taught on Youtube up for all $5+ Patreon donors.  This has hundreds of techniques that I've taught throughout the years categorized and easy to find!  There will be a ton of improvements over the next year with this, but we're rolling out the features slowly so we can iron out bugs!  Exciting times!

- Games: We'll start a new game soon!  The winner will be able to have their own group!


- New Sword Video next week

- New Nunchaku Tutorial - Hopefully by Sunday!

So many great things around the corner.  Please be patient as I am just one person trying to program a website, upload Youtube videos, book, choreograph and perform gigs.  It's always a busy time!  I'll be able to have my own crew of programmers soon I hope!  But until then, please be patient and know that every new feature has been built with only the most awesome intentions to build the mega community of flow ninjas like the world has never seen!