BigJoe Martha Sanger Debunked
BigJoe Martha Sanger Debunked: #BigJoe is a super charismatic crowd stopper, and I agree with most of what he says, and I'm a fan, but he has Martha Sanger wrong and Planned Parenthood wrong. Martha Sanger's controversial Eugenics background is a misunderstanding due to the Eugenics movements misunderstood ideology as a result of the Nazis hijacking the basic idea and manipulating it to their ends in the form of the holocaust. However, the twisted Nazi version did not represent most of the movement which simply felt that breeding was a sacred right that should be exercised by people who have it planned out and intend to raise a well-taken-care-of child who has had the benefit of good parenting.     Therefore they are more likely to be a productive member of society under such an idea. This, as a result, did not condone unplanned, accidental pregnancies that resulted in surprised parents-to-be who likely were not ready to undertake such a challenge. Lastly, the evidence on Martha Sanger simply does not suggest that she was racist, especially since she reached out to the black community and extended her services to them as well, along with anyone else who needed her help.

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