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Biking Wine Country, Cider Tastings. A windstorm drags our boat away without us. Ep78
Hey Crew!

So another episode is finally edited.  This was from over a month ago.  Editing is soooo much more work than it looks.  This one is jammed packed with fun and not so fun stuff.  Good things:  Using our folding bikes for the first time, which lets us explore land far and wide.  Getting to visit a Cider House and get to taste a bunch of awesome alcoholic ciders.  Getting to fly the drone again.  Meeting friendly people in the Waupoos area.

Bad thing:  Almost losing our boat as it is dragged away in a wind storm when we were not on it.  Ya!  That is very bad!

We learned a few lessons on this trip.  Luckily the windstorm yesterday and now another one today makes us realize that we are no longer sailing on the relative security of the Ottawa River.  This is BIG water and it often comes with BIG wind.

After this scary boat dragging, we decided we need to 1) get a Outboard motor for our dinghy because there was no way we were going to be able to chase down our sailboat in 35+ knots of wind with a little electric trolling motor, and 2) Look into whether we need a different anchor than our 35lb CQR to set better in the dense weeds that seem to be on the bottom everywhere around here.

We have already done the first one.  We got a new 6hp Yamaha outboard and you will see it in the future episodes.  It gives us a lot of freedom to go explore, which is new for us.  We haven't gotten a new anchor but I am negotiating with the Insurance company since my  anchor got dented in the collision and I am starting to wonder if that is making the anchor not set well.  We shall see what they say.  I have my eye on a 45lb Mantus.

So..... Hopefully you can learn along with us.  Many more good episodes with stories to come.  Again, for more of a live update on what we are up to in real time, follow us on at

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Side Note: I am thinking of getting some T-shirts with the Cruising Off Duty Logo on the front.  Is that something you guys think would be a good idea?   Oh shoot, even if just Janice and I end up wearing them it is probably still worth getting.  Ha Ha

Until next time, we wish you "Safe Cruising".

Here is the regular video description that went with the video that everyone else got to see.


Ep78.  In this episode of Cruising Off Duty we take you biking through Waupoos (Wine Country) and we go to the County Cider Company to do some Cider Tastings.  We take the Mavic Pro drone up to get some aerial shots of the beauty of the area, when someone from the Marina came to tell us that the wind had picked up and our boat was dragging out into Lake Ontario.

By the time we make it back to the docks of the Marina, our boat is so far out there we can barely see it.  Luckily some local sailors saw our boat getting dragged away and went after it in a Zodiac and were able to save it.

This whole sailing area seems to have dense weeds and after nearly losing our boat, we discuss how we need to get a better anchor for weeds and how we really need to ditch the electric trolling motor we have been using to push our dinghy around, and get a real gas outboard.  Even if we had been on shore and watched our boat dragging away, we couldn't have saved it with only an electric trolling motor.

A lot goes on in this episode and we learn some valuable lessons.  Luckily we learned them without any harm being done or losing our boat, so, that is the good news.

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Until the next video, this is Craig and Janice wishing you Safe Cruising.

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