Bill Nye, the "science" guy on Mars

Poor old Bill Nye the non-scientist guy. He's a laughingstock and doesn't realize it.

He is completely, absolutely, 100% certain that humans have accidentally altered the Earth's atmosphere, causing climate change. He's positive this change, if real, is harmful-- and government edicts are needed to solve it.

But he says it's not possible for humans to go to Mars and intentionally, with planned purpose, alter Mars' atmosphere to change the Martian climate for the better (for Earth life, anyway).

Make up your mind, Billy.

Of course, the best explanation of why he doesn't believe this is that he doesn't want to believe it.

Believing this would knock the air out of his doom and gloom climate disaster scenario, and make his preferred program of government supremacy unnecessary.

If we can intentionally change planetary climates, then we could fix Earth without adopting his communistic government supremacism. And we can spread out and move to Mars, almost doubling the land surface humans could live on. This would also reduce human impact without increasing government control and power. It's apparently not what he wants. It looks like he only wants the problem solved his way.

He's either stupid or dishonest.

h/t: Claire Wolfe. Thanks for the laugh!


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