Billing Reminder and Content Update
5/30/17: Hey all Lee here! Wanted to take this time out to thank everyone for their well wishes these past few weeks. Truly they've been greatly appreciated. Things are looking a lot better as myself and the little lady did some serious one on one talking and let me tell you, I wish it would have happened sooner. I won't bore you with all the mushy stuff but we're stronger than ever before and really trying to accomplish a lot in the coming months. Getting my second gig has been a blessing in disguise.

I'll be working late nights with the exception of Tuesdays and Sundays so as far as I know the live shows should be okay.  The new bosses actually took the time out to check out my content and sincerely understand that what I've been doing these six years with my show is more than just a hobbie, that it legitimately is my passion & job and are working around it and my day job. Nothing but good vibes from these guys. So with nights and daytime being filled as you would imagine that does hurt the spontaneous nature I'd like to have in releasing content. I've come up with a solution for now. One those off days I mentioned I will release new and exclusive content for you the Patreons. Please forgive me in advance for the Month of May as you all are well aware what was going down but without a doubt I've got some catching up to do. June is shaping up pretty good for exclusive content now more than ever as I'll be releasing new 30 with Lee ( One will actually be dropping this Wednesday June 1st for you all ), Lucha Underground 30 minute reaction shows, Awesome-con exclusive content, and loads more!

In closing, I saw a comment on YouTube recently and I'll comment more about it on tonight's show ( Episode 534 ),  where they said I only have three Patreons. I laughed it off but it upset me because I don't think this person realizes that not everyone is in a financial position to contribute or make a ongoing donation to the show. From a survey I did for you guys months back ( of which over 50 of you took the time to fill out ), vast majority of you either said you couldn't contribute because you can't afford to do so or you weren't even aware that a Patreon page existed. There's was also a small amount of you that wasn't even aware I was taking contributions. But the majority just couldn't afford to do so. Let me see, from the bottom of my heart I appreciate anyone, I don't care how small is able to contribute. Not one dime goes in my pocket as it automatically is applied to show expenses, equipment, etc. Everything ties into the show. That's something I never take for granted unlike some shows who threaten to charge customers if they don't start giving them money soon or E-BEGGING every second of a broadcast. I will tell you like I tell everyone else though and that's if you love the show, spread it around. Share it with friends, get them involved and hey hopefully they'll be in a position to make a contribution. If they can't Good Good man, it's not the end of the world. Would I like to see an increase? Yes but it'll come in due time. I think the line begins to blur when people only look at one avenue instead of doing what they need to do by any means necessary to make something happen successfully. 

Don't forget to make sure your C.C info is up to date and ready to go so you don't miss out. If you're like me you can't stand overdrafts. Anyone that wants to up their contribution for this month of June only it be appreciated. Me and the lil lady practically raised about half of what we're gonna be needing for Awesome-con far as show expenses, equipment goes. Anyone that contributes at least $25 for this month of June gets to co-host two shows. That's two full episode of The RCWR Show. No bull.

As always I appreciate all feedback and your continued support as there's a lot to look forward to this June so stay tuned! Be sure to stay connected to me on Twitter and Facebook at The RCWR Show. I may not reply to some things but trust me I am reading and I'll acknowledge what you said on the next show.