Billionaire Club Starts April 1st! Plus Pass Changes!
All Patreon Pass/Pledges will get the following added reward:

-Early Access to some Youtube Videos

Keep in mind, Sponsor+ will still get more early access. Also all $30+ Pass/Pledges will get the following reward added:

-Access to the Billionaire Club, this access begins April 1st. 

So what is the Billionaire Club? During April I will be pushing out more content than ever before. All of the content will be aimed at helping you to earn as much GP as possible in April. Even if you are not part of the Billionaire Club you will still benefit from the lower passes as well. The Flip Mastery will be bumped up a notch during April and Investing Mastery will be far more active! Also you will be able to participate in many Patreon-Only events. The goal is to reach as many new Billionaires in Patreon as possible. Get ready to earn more GP than ever before!