Billions of Trees | Billions With a B
Hey.. Guys! Ha. Hi. It’s Savoy, from Undefined Ideas. Coming to say, it’s earth day! Yah!!! Wednesday!!!! OK, realistically it’s not actually Earth Day, but I like to call it Earth Day. Why do I like to call it Earth Day? Because it’s Earth, you know? It’s like, It deserves a day out of the week, why not? Just like water you know? Provides food our nutrients, provides love and… lubrication. Basically, water land animals um plants they provide everything for us, to exist. They’re the real economy. SO, did you know? Like did you know, like did you really know. Like here me out. That you, YES, YOU. Can take off a cutting from a tree and replant it. Like I’m sure that’s like common knowledge right now right? Like they do it all the time, they just cut little pieces off, dip it in root growth hormone or your saliva. Because apparently that works, and they clone the plant. But what people aren’t seeing, that I have not seen from other people, that is to say, is these can be continuously replanted. I’m talking millions, I’m talking BILLIONS of new trees, just from cuttings. Off of one single TREEEEEEEEEEEE. Just one! Just one tree that’s it. One tree and billions. Did I say that right? Did I say billions? With a B? “Hold up. Wait wait, wait, Savoy, you’re telling me that we can have like thousands and thousands and BILLIONS of trees? Just by cutting off some, putting our spit on it and putting it in the ground and watering it every so often?” Yeah, yeah I am. Congratulations to abundance. AND you know, not scarcity. Haha. Cause this whole scarcity shit has me going insane. Like I feel it and I’m like wait wait wait I can just like, go to a fruit tree when it’s not fruiting, cut it, plant it, propagation. If you guys know what that word means. So propagate it and then BOOM. NEW TREE. I can get like hundreds of little six-inch twigs from and nice size apple tree. Cherry tree, Loquat tree, Kumquats, umm, Hot Dog Tree, umm Chip Tree, ummm, ummm, pretty much everything. If this is not Mind Blowing…. You know like BILLIONS.