Billy Sexcrime - Sex Sells (2009)
The debut mix for Planet Earth from the dirty dance floor don , the original EDM bandana bandit, the sexual music assaulter, the man himself, Billy Sexcrime! During his brief stint here on the flat earth realm, Billy blessed the earholes of hundreds of thousands of music floozies worldwide. After reeking havoc for 2 years he quickly became wanted in 33 states and 13 countries for the sexual assault of eardrums on the dance floor. To avoid incarceration, he fled back to his home planet of Uranus to live with his partner in crime, Victoria Secretions, and hasn't been seen or heard from under the firmament ever since. Fortunately, Billy left all of his mixes and music in the trust of me to keep his legacy of moist earholes on earth alive.

Enjoy...  Diverse

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