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The Binary Times Vague and Vacant Series 4 Starts now!
The Binary Times Vague and Vacant Series Four begins with Episode One!
In it the guys talk about the Weather, their new collaboration with the Open Source Community on Steam, Hello Tux creating a great line of Binary Times clothes and Hello Tux providing a Binary Times t-shirt for a competition,  LVM, rysnc, zfs, Saving your Internet from the European Copyright Directive, getting old hardware to work with Manjaro, recent software upgrades in Chakra Linux, Copperhead OS, Lineage, Ubuntu desktop metrics, the latest Humble Bundle, Under the Hood and the Irish Saying of the Podcast. Since this is an extended edition of the podcast, there's even two Irish sayings of the podcast!
Good luck in the competition, and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did making it! You can find it here: