The Binding of Issac, The Nintendo Switch, and More! - The TouchArcade Show #290
Hey ya'll!

So in continuing to try to sweeten the pot for Patreon people, we've been in the process of migrating over from Slack to Discord because Patreon has a feature that once you set it up is *supposed* to automatically invite anyone who links their Discord account to our chat server to hang out with us and talk iPhone games, or if you're a developer have better access to tell us about your games, and anything else in between.

But, in a situation that's every bit the embodiment of the acronym SNAFU, it's not automagically working as advertised... So I've spent this week doing this real awakward back and forth between the Discord support people and the Patreon support people to try to get to the bottom of this.

Rest assured I'm being a huge pest to everyone I can to get this fixed, so keep an eye out for future updates (which hopefully happen soon) on this whole thing.

Anyway, we repeat it a lot, but thanks a ton for backing us. It means the world that your support lets us keep doing what we're doing. I hope you guys enjoy this week's podcast.

Have a great weekend,



Show notes: In the interest of not having Nintendo stuff dominate the podcast, this week we set a timer and split the podcast in two. The first half is all iOS games, covering a lot of the big releases this week including The Binding of Issac [$14.99], Sonny [$2.99], and Xenoraid [Free], with quick hits on Towaga [$2.99], Yuri [$2.99], Alpha Swipe [$2.99], and Bubble Witch 3 Saga [Free]. The second half is all about the Nintendo Switch, so, if you're not into that, feel free to skip it and wait for next week!

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