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Bionic Commando takes place sometime in 1980s and centers on two warring states: the Federation and the Empire. One day, Federation Forces discover top secret documents about "Albatros", an unfinished project developed by the Empire's predecessor, the "Badds"[9] (also known as the "Nazz"[10]). Imperial leader Generalissimo Killt decides to complete the project himself. Upon learning the Empire's plot, the Federation sends in their national hero, Super Joe (the main character from the 1985 Capcom title Commando[11]) to infiltrate the Empire, but he is captured. The Federation then sends in a second operative named Ladd Spencer[12] to rescue him and to uncover the secret behind the Albatros project.[10][13] Ladd is a member of the FF (Double Force) Battalion, a team of commandos specially trained to use wired guns to infiltrate enemy bases.[3]