A Bird Dating Sim Can Tell Us A Lot About True Happiness
It is my pleasure to share with everyone my first article at ZAM! They're still getting things underway, and the current people working there are so awesome; they've got big hopes and plans for ZAM. Today I contributed an article explaining Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star and Night on the Galactic Railroad, a classic Japanese children's story from which Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star took a lot of inspiration.

Hatoful Boyfriend is a visual novel, which means pretty much what it sounds like. It's heavily text-based, and basically all you do is read and pick choices occasionally. The first Hatoful Boyfriend game is also within the genre, dating sim, which means you play a character who is pursuing a relationship with one of the many other characters. Hatoful Boyfriend pokes fun at a lot of the tropes in dating sims and does so hilariously by making the characters birds. But the game is extremely well-written, and the characters are well developed. What I talk about in this article mostly refers to the second Hatoful Boyfriend game, Holiday Star, which is a side game that was released around the holidays. It directly references a story called Night on the Galactic Railroad written by Kenji Miyazawa, a Japanese man who practiced Christianity, Buddhism, and thoroughly believed in the importance of science. Night on the Galactic Railroad, similar in some ways to The Little Prince, explores the conflict between true happiness and false beliefs.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the article! Read it on ZAM here.

(If you are interested in reading Night on the Galactic Railroad, there are a couple English translations as well as an animated film adaptation in which the characters are animals.)