Birdseye and Thermogenic Plants
Today I went to Birdseye Hollow State Forest to go walking with my parents. 

I’m not sure how much of the actual trail we followed - it’s still early for parks around here, and it was a bit un-maintained - but we followed some blazes for a bit, until Dad (he had a heart attack 10+ years ago) and I (I’m just in really bad shape) got worn out. 

(one more link, with pictures.)

Mom teaches yoga and kayaks.  She was doing fine. 

Lots of people were out with their dogs; some were fishing.  The sun is up and for the first time in a while the air was comfortable and nice for walking. 

Though it was a bit muddy. 

 All in all, an awesome day (about 50 minute drive, if you exclude the 10 minutes getting my GPS and my phone to agree on where we were going).  

And then Dad pointed out Skunk Cabbage. 

Which of course I had to look up when I got home.

Did you know that thermogenic plants exist??!

Go read, I’ll wait: 

Thermogenic plants have the ability to raise their temperature above that of the surrounding air. Heat is generated in the mitochondria, as a secondary process of cellular respiration called thermogenesis. Alternative oxidase and uncoupling proteins similar to those found in mammals enable the process, which is still poorly understood. 

And look: Voodoo Lily!