Birth Of The Elemental Dragon Slayer
Chapter 1: Birth Of The Elemental Dragon Slayer

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"Fire Dragons Wing Attack"= Normal Talking


'Fire Dragons Wing Attack'= Thinking

"Fire Dragons Wing Attack"= Inhuman Being Talking

'Fire Dragons Wing Attack'= Inhuman Being Thinking

*Fire Dragons Wing Attack*= Spells

*Smash*= Sounds

-X770- Forest In Fiore

A boy with messy pink hair, slightly tanned skin, onyx eyes, and red tattered shorts about 4 years old crying his eyes out alone in a forest a green goblin soon approached the boy in hope of eating him. The goblin came running at the boy but stopped dead in its tracks as soon as it heard a mighty roar. It was a dragon roar and you could tell by the massive dark red dragon flying towards the boy in speeds no human could think of going at. The dragon had dark, red scales a beige underbelly, gigantic red wings and two red and black horns on the top of his head with a X-shaped scar on the center of his body.

"Touch the boy and you'll die," the dragon said.

As soon as he spoke the goblin ran as fast as his skinny legs could go. The boy just stared at the dragon in awe as it to looked at him.

"Do you have a name boy?" the dragon said as softly as he could not trying to startle the child.

"Yes I do, my name is Natsu, Natsu Dragneel" said Natsu.

"Nice to meet you Natsu my name is Igneel also known as the fire dragon king" the dragon King said proudly.

"Where are your parents little one?" The dragon asked with concern in its voice.

"I don't know the last thing I remember is me crying here in the forest" the boy said.

"Then I and my 7 other dragons will raise you as their very one" the dragon king said.

"really you would do that for me" the shocked and teary eyed boy said.

"Of course, I've always wanted a son so I guess news the chance to become a father" the dragon said

"Can I call you dad it's just I've never had one and I'd like you to be him" the happy boy said.

"Of course isn't that part of being a son" the dragon replied 

All the boy could do is smile as his response to his new dragon dad.

"How would you like to learn magic" the dragon offered.

"Really you'll teach me magic as well" the shocked boy said.

"Yes and so will 7 other dragons" the dragon said

"that's awesome, can I meet the other dragons"the pink haired boy replied.

"Yep just hop on my back and I'll bring you to them" the horned dragon said.

"great lets go" the pink haired boy said as he hopped onto the dragon's back.

TIME SKIP 15 minutes later

The dragon and boy just arrived at the cave and now entered.

"Icarus, Lazurus, Tsunama, Ieeno, Envo, Thoudin, Glacier, Come here now" the dragon boomed.

All seven dragons followed the flame dragon kings instructions not wanting to feel it's wrath.

"What do you want Igneel" the annoyed dragons said in unioin.

"Why is there a human boy with you" the shocked dragon said.

"We'll be teaching this boy dragon slaying magic" Igneel said with a grin on his face.

"Why he's only a child" one of the dragons said.

"This child has no home and no family it's the least we can do" Igneel said in hope that they'll accept him.

"Dad I don't think they like me" the pink haired boy said as he stared at the grounded and silently cried.

This didn't go past igneel as he heard the little boy crying with made him mad at the dragons and let of a massive amount of magical energy.

"You shall accept this boy as one of your own whether you like it or not"

All seven dragons scowled in defeat as they knew Igneel's word was final

"Fine but you're teaching him first" the black dragon said.

"Natsu introduce yourself" Igneel said as he slowly pushed Natsu towards the dragons.

"Hello, I'm Natsu Dragneel I hope we can all get along" the boy said shyly.

"Hello, I'm Tsunama the Water Dragon King"

"I'm Lazurus the Lightning Dragon King"

"I'm Thoudin the Air Dragon King"

"I'm Icarus The Earth Dragon King"

"I'm Ieeno The Light Dragon King"

"I'm Envo The Dark Dragon King"

"I'm Glacier The Ice Dragon King"

"You guys look badass" said Natsu in admiration.

'Maybe this kid isn't so bad after all' the dragon's thought.

"Natsu since you're to yound and to weak you'll start of with doing general knowledge and reading books" said Igneel.

"that sounds boring can't I do something else" the boy moaned.

"Yeah I know right books are boring" Icarus said.

"You're just saying that cuz you don't know how to read you dumbass" said Glacier.

"Shut up you bastard I bet you won't say that to my face" Icarus said.

"Who you calling a bastard you rock brained idiot" Glacier said.

"Ok you asked for it" Icarus said.

"Natsu get close they're going to fire a roar" Igneel said

"Yes dad" Natsu said as he climbed on Igneel.

*Earth Dragon's Roar*

"Fine you want to play like that" Glacier Said

*Ice Dragon's Roar*


little did they know they angered all of the other dragons and could of injured little Natsu.

Instead of Igneel using his hand to blow away the dusty air he told Thoudin to eat the ear which he did.

"Woah, that was awesome" Natsu said in awe.

"What the hell do you think you're doing you could of injured the boy real bad you know" all 5 dragons boomed in union.

"Apologise to Natsu now" the five mad dragons said.

"I'm sorry Natsu I hope you can forgive us" they said.

"I'll only forgive you if you show me two of your strongest moves" Natsu said mischievously.

"Fine but be ready cuz I'm only going to show the once" Glacier and Icarus said.

"Icarus you go first" said glacier.

"Fine" said Icarus.

*Earth Dragon's END*

Icarus it looked like fire dragons brilliant flame but 100x bigger

'Damn I should mess with Icarus anymore he could really fuck me up' thought Glacier.

"next move Icarus times ticking" Natsu said to piss of the dragon which he did.

*Earth Dragons Heaven And Earth Blast* 

A Massive meteor the size of the whole forest crashed down

"What The Fuck" Glacier said shocked.

"that was awesome, I can't wait to be a dragon slayer" said Natsu.

"It's getting late Natsu I think it's time for bed" Igneel said happily

"ok dad" said Natsu.

"goodnight uncle Icarus, goodnight uncle glacier, goodnight other 5 dragons" said Natsu as he waved them off.

"Goodnight Natsu" they all said.