The Birth of the Fox Exchange

Due to the many rumors and lies commonly spread about the outlaw community, it’s rather difficult to decipher the truth behind the Fox Exchange and its conception. Truthfully, no one really knows the original founders, and many have made speculation as to how it all began. Unfortunately, members of the Fox Exchange care little for history, and keep history for that matter. The only documents of the past anyone ever bothers to keep are financial charts and trade receipts.

It has, however, been said that the Fox Exchange all started between two lovers who were separated by their feuding clans. Before their families had warred with each other, they were inseparable and showered each other in affection, gifts, and romantic letters and poetry. But when they were set apart, they could old write messages that would often take days to deliver.  And even then their connection was ruthlessly severed by their clan’s unreasonable tyranny. Couriers were forbidden to send messages between any rival family members. They were no longer able to trade or any of that sort. Soon enough, not even a word was uttered between them, not even an insult.

But the power of love could not be contained. The two lovers found the use for their pet foxes and used them to carry messages long across the land. Soon the foxes not only delivered letters, but small belongings as well, so long as the fox could run with it. It didn’t matter how far the two were, they were always joined together by their foxes. It is believed that this tradition was caught on by criminals who smuggled goods, and dirty money. The fox was undetectable, untraceable, and should the guards suspect anything, uncatchable. The outlaws began to forge medallions for foxes on their collars to let other outlaws know that the fox belonged to the underground market. The symbol on their collars still sits on the Fox Exchange flag today, the image of a front facing fox head, wrapped around by its tail.

It was a symbol of subtlety, cleverness, and freedom from the law’s watchful eyes. Still, that is only a guess; for no one really knows the true origin of the Fox Exchange.

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