The Birthday Camera Project

Hello, my loves!

One of my goals this first quarter is to get more of my Storm Chasing adventure content out to you. I'm glad I did as much as I could while we were on the road, but I still have journal entries to be transcribed and a TON of photos to sift through. 

Since Chris Kridler and I plan on Storm Chasing again this year, I am trying to organize myself a little better. 

1.) I need a decent watermark, as well as a quick and reliable way to use it on both my computer and phone. 

2.) I need to keep better notes in my journal--specifically, the towns in which we stop every night. 

3.) I need a camera

Last year, Chris was wonderful enough to lend me one of her older, backup cameras to use. In addition to all the meteorology I learned on the road, I also received a crash course in how to use the camera. 

Friends from school know that, in addition to writing, I've always loved taking pictures. I carried Dad's old Minolta around as a kid, with its huge telephoto lens, snapping sunsets and experimenting in black and white. I always drive with a camera in the passenger's seat. My camera case always had a sewing kit in the extra pocket, because I always had my camera with me (and I used that kit WAY more than I ever thought I would!). 

For Christmas one year, my parents bought me a gorgeous Canon Rebel. 

The very next year, DSLR cameras hit the market and the photography world went digital. 

Very soon after that, my boyfriend at the time broke my Rebel. 

I still rode with my little SureShot, but cameras on phones got better and better, so eventually I didn't need to. My hobby evolved into a reputation for taking great convention photos and selfies, and having a fabulous Instagram. 

After Dragon Con this year, I realized how desperate my need was for a camera of my own that I could use to record the Sideshow. A friend from Nashville recommended "a decent DSLR."

Well, Chris knows about DSLRs for sure! So I asked Chris her thoughts. "You only really need a DSLR if you plan on taking pictures in addition to video," she told me. "And for what it's worth, you take great pictures."

I hold Chris in such high esteem that her compliment floored me. It forced me to remember that I was once quite the shutterbug. And I missed it. 

So it's time. 

Getting a camera like this is a HUGE investment. Not only do I need to find the right camera (Nikon, with 1080p video...but that's as far as I've gotten). I'll need some lenses, and a microphone for sure. 

I'd also love photoshop...and a proper Powerbook on which to run Photoshop...but that's too much. For now, I'm going to concentrate on getting the camera. 

To that end, I have set up a GoFundMe for my birthday in an effort to secure a camera. 

As Patrons, you already support me, and I thank you. But if you're interested in throwing a few more dollars my way for my birthday (or sharing the link with your friends), it would be much appreciated. 

To future adventures!!!


~Princess Alethea

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