Birthday weekend complete! I'm older...but still look like a teen xD
Heyo guys :3 

Sorry for being a bit MIA this weekend... it was my birthday on Sunday and I had a lot of plans throughout the weekend preparing for Twitchcon/bday stuff!

Super happy to say I am ordering my new lens + insurance this week! woot 

Also, I am doing this month's cosplay shoot, which will be Red Card Katarina. I held off on doing this last month because I did two shoots with the red background already. So it will be this month's cosplay outfit!

I am planning to (attempt) to do Katarina's make up look live on twitch and then get off and shoot for you guys :3 

This is my plan for tomorrow! Likely starting the make up looking during the last hour of my stream, so then I can get off and shoot!

I have some more fun Halloweeny content to share tonight in the feed and in the $20 folder!! 

<3 Snugz