The first post for my Patreon is also the first passage of my upcoming book - Child of Gods - 33 illustrated passages of 333 words each. I hope you like!


I created the world in thirty-three days and when it was done it had to be created again

But what I can call a day and what you might call a day is different

A day is the blooming of a flower, the death of a beetle, the migration of swallows and the gestation of a hare

A day is mud and mud into water and water falling high from rock to pool and the pool mist rising and clouds forming and rain falling and water onto ground into mud

From the very tips of the bones on my head, my children, to the hooves upon which I canter, strut, prowl, charge, I knew when I birthed this one, this one that this story concerns, I knew it was a different child, almost so much my child and not your child that I could, if I wanted to, have taken it, replaced it with a sickly changeling, and raised it away from you, so that it might flit between the world I am and the world you have thought through so thoroughly

So that for you it would no longer be

So that for you its skin would tear and flake

its flesh soften and green as moss

its veins stretch and sigh and snap under the weight of its settling

its bones bleach and brittle in the sun that falls between the swaying beech leaves

so that it might sink gently slowly tenderly into the leaf litter

a host to soft pale motherly mushrooms 

consumed by earwigs and woodlice and bluebottle maggots

nuzzled by foxes and badgers with their earthpig gruntings

caressed by buzzards

So that it might be of us

But, instead, I shifted and deigned to watch this young beast, this seer, this one which was neither this nor that. I observed it, strange in its ways to you, awkward and stumbling as a newborn fawn, knowing that halfway through its life I would call it home to be mine.

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