Bishop Betts: What in The Hell is Wrong With You 3/25/2018
What in The Hell is Wrong With You?  This is a question that I have been asking myself and many other people ever since moving to Oxford, North Carolina over 10 years ago. 

I discovered a very dangerous Antisocial Narcissist Luciferian Occult here in Oxford, North Carolina many years ago, they have, and are still killing, stealing and destroying many of God's Good People. 

Sunday's is a very troubling day for me here in Oxford, North Carolina. Mainly because of the many members of this Antisocial Narcissist Luciferian Occult are also members, leaders, false prophet bishops, preachers, and deacons, in our Father in Heaven house of Worship and Pulpit.

I stopped going to church because I got tired of being abused in God's House by your loyal, faithful, dedicated, and devoted New World Order, Antisocial Narcissist Luciferian Occult Puppets.  

This video is very troubling for me to see and listen to because this False Messiah Bishop of the forces of evil is using my Father in Heaven's Pulpit as a cover for betrayal, deception, lies, and wickedness.  Blasphemy on you Wolf in Sheep's Clothing for using God's House of Worship to give the illusion that you are a Good Godly Bishop but really wallowing in Stolen & Fake Identity, and Desecration.  

What in The Hell is Wrong With You?  Is something YOU should be wondering about yourself, along with every person in that Church going along with your program of Stolen and False Identity, Lies, Deception, Betrayal, Brutality, Stalking, Spying, Witchcraft, Death, Destruction, and Robbery.  

What in The Hell is Wrong With You? Is something ALL of God's people wants to know about the REAL John Phillip Betts hiding somewhere behind the Dark Doors of the Luciferian Kingdom of Madness, Confusion, Chaos, Darkness, Hell and Corruption.   

Thank You, Father, in Heaven for delivering me and your people from the False Prophet enemies in our midst.  I will continue to speak the truth in love because the arrows coming from the Kill, Steal and Destroy spirits are broken and ineffective forever.