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A-Bit of Breath of the Wild
Hey guys, 

I just posted a little about on this video so I will repost it here too. I think the Pixel Party works much better in this video than the last but let me know what you think.

Hope you guys like :)


ABOUT THIS VIDEO (for those who are interested)

 Man, I have had to work pretty hard to get this video done on time! But I know you guys love Zelda as much as I do and I thought this game would be a great opportunity to cover some inspiring music. Here’s a quick rundown of how the last 6 days, since Breath of the Wild’s release, have gone for me:

 Days 1-3 – Playing Breath of the Wild

I did not anticipate this game being so got damn ENORMOUS. I had hoped to finish the game in two full days but only just finished the main story late on the third.


Day 4 – Arranging

I began day 4 by furiously listening to the soundtrack and picking out my favourite tracks. (A task which is always very difficult). Many songs are cut when arranging a medley but ultimately if they don’t fit. they don’t fit. I usually sit down and figure out the main melodies and harmonies on my keyboard and then splice them all together.

Day 5 – Gameboy Programming

By far the most straining part of the process is programming Gameboys which entails staring at a tiny screen filled with numbers and letters which somehow translate into music. This overflowed into day 6. 

Day 6 – Filming and Editing

It took so many takes to get the right one that my camera ran out of battery and needed to be charged… Took me an entire day to film and edit and I only just got the video completed in time. Originally I intended to pull the Gameboys out of the question box, one-by-one, as they were added to the song but that ended up being too hard to do. You also may have noticed that I had zero practice time which probably contributed to it taking so many takes to get it right!

So yeah… It’s been a little crazy and the most Zelda intensive week of my life but I think this video is pretty good.

The game is beautiful, although Zelda has always been one of my favourite games so I was an easy sell. Playing the game in such a rushed way is definitely not something I recommend and I certainly intend to go back and give the game a proper explore.

I actually didn’t know what the hell I was going to do with the soundtrack for a while. As you would know if you’ve played the game, they have really gone for a stripped back approach with a lot of space and improvised piano. Don’t get me wrong I actually thought the soundtrack suited the game very well, but it’s definitely hard to cover improvised piano in chiptune and is a far cry from the catchy Koji Kondo melodies I was anticipating.

Anyways, I just felt like documenting the last week and thought that some of you might be interested in hearing. Please let me know what you thought of the video and also what you thought of Breath of the Wild.

Thanks guys!

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