A Bit Of A Chat with Michael Kupperman 2
After a span of far too many years, I had a chance to Chat with artist Michael Kupperman.

Our conversation mainly centered around his brand new "Graphic Memoir", ALL THE ANSWERS, which is a truly phenomenal work.

As I wrote on my Instagram last week, I had been wanting to read it since the moment it arrived in my post box, but life had been thwarting my best efforts to do so. 

My refrigerator had stopped working. I had (and continue to have) a deepening existential crisis. And my dinner was not sitting well. But despite all that, I cracked open the book, intending to read a chapter - just to feel like I started it. So, I read the first chapter. Then the next. And the next. Until I finished. 

So, yes, it was every bit the cliche “I couldn’t put it down!” Well, I mean, I  *could* have put it down, but I had no desire to do so. The only thing I  wanted to do was to keep reading it, and I most certainly did that.  It’s poignant, pointed, and profound, focused through a lens of middle-aged yearning for context. Criminy cripes, is it just a brilliant work. It pairs beautifully with John Hodgman's equally ennui-infused VACATIONLAND. 

Neither of those books fixed my refrigerator, but they were both engagingly thoughtful distractions from my soured milk. 

And now, here's my new Bit Of A Chat with Michael Kupperman... Hope you enjoy... 



A Bit Of A Chat with Ken Plume & Michael Kupperman #1


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