A Bit Of A Chat with Emmy The Great
Sometimes, circumstance is delightful.

Such a delightful circumstance occurred in December when I happened to run into the musician Emmy The Great, dear friend to a mutual friend, Dan Schreiber, who had talked endlessly of just how awesome she was as both a person and a musician. 

The musician awesomeness I knew, as I'd begun listening to her work at Dan's urging years ago, but circumstance had kept me from actually meeting her (despite the fact that I had stayed in her apartment during my trip to London years ago, missing her return - and a meeting - by a single day.

So, here I was in Brooklyn, years later, and finally we met. And she is just as awesome a person as Dan raved all those years ago, making that at least one thing that Dan is right about.

And because she's awesome, of course I had to have her on A Bit Of A Chat, and so I have, and here it is, in which we talk of cosmic scales, home, comets, and finding Schreiberland.


Hope you enjoy!

Yer pal,


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