BIT+ "Worlds Finest" BATGIRL Released!!
Releasing today, the next character for the BIT+ "Worlds Finest" line, coming one of the best new character designs in comics, BATGIRL!! Once I saw the new Batgirl design, I was blown away. I always like the character but felt, while her costume was a classic, it looked like a mash up between the classic Catwoman and Batman costumes. With this new design it adds for much style. It also is very practical considering her character. Hopefully this trend continues in comics with characters like Batgirl, Spiderwoman, Ms. Marvel getting new and amazing new costumes. That is it for now. Next BIT+ character should be released January 31st (I am going to try to release a character each week. we'll see though) Thank you for all the support and enjoy the BIT+ Paper Toy. Trevor BIT+ Paper Toys Creating paper toy.....madness!!