BIT+ Series 14 "Saturday Mornings 2" Optimus Prime
Today ITP Studios rolls out to you the next character from BIT+ Series 14 "Saturday Mornings 2", the leader of the AutoBots, Optimus Prime!! I remember crying when Optimus Prime died in the Transformers movie as a kid. That was some serious stuff for a kids cartoon back then. No one ever died in cartoons that I can remember. But at least we got Rodimus Prime out of it. I have design him one day. Transformers are one of those cartoons that will hopefully be around forever, much like the TMNT. I was so happy to enjoy the original cartoon series all over again with my boys. Transformer prime was a great series too (and Beast Wars). The movies started out ok, but the newer ones are just Michael Bay craziness, which is OK for time to time, but I want more out of the Transformers. There is more than meets the eye to them. Ha. I'm such a dork. Really thought that Optimus was going to be harder than he was. This is the first time that I have the head as an additional piece that get glued on after. Makes him just that mush bigger than the rest of the BIT+ paper toys, which he should be. Optimus and Skeletor maybe my two favorite from this series. Thank you all for the support and enjoy the BIT+ Paper Toys. Trevor BIT+ Paper Toys Creating paper toy.....madness!!