BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends" JUDGE DREDD!!
Time for another character that should have ben done a long time ago, but better later then never. The last character from BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends", JUDGE DREDD! I really enjoyed the last Dredd movie. Karl Urban made for a great Dredd. Felt he and the movie really captured a lot of what Dredd should be.I really hope they make a second one. Really don't have much to say about this one. Happy with how he turned out, and it is nice to finish up this series. Only series I have left unfinished now is the Game On Series. Hopefully I can finish the last character by the weekend. After I release the last character from "Game On", I will start posting the new characters from "Trick or Screamers". Thank you for all the support and enjoy the BIT+ Paper Toy. Trevor BIT+ Paper Toys Creating paper toy.....madness!!
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