Here's where we are in the FOMO TL;DR Series to date:

In this fifth in the series, with two more planned after this, I'm going to show you how to get from your fiat bank account, into crypto, into a wallet, for zero fees. Not a penny.

The Coinbase / GDAX platform is the only way I know of to do this, and presently, we're only talking about fiat to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin (and all associated pairs, such as BTC/LTC). However, they are going to be adding altcoins in the coming months, so this will be great for being able to do more and more for zero fees, even transfer fees to a wallet.

So, to do this from fiat currency, you have to do two things.

1. Use ACH, which as yet takes 4-5 days to clear, though Coinbase is supposed  to be rolling out instant ACH too.

2. You are just loading your fiat wallet at Coinbase, you're not buying crypto. Its just to get your funds into your fiat wallet.

Click on the Accounts tab, then USD Wallet (or whichever fiat you use). Enter an amount and go through whatever confirmation steps you need to. It's free.

And that's it. Some days later, the funds will clear and then you'll be ready to go. Presuming you already have a Coinbase account, you'll just go to and sign in with your same credentials as Coinbase.

As I recall, it's when I did this that I had to go through verification which consisted of front and back copies of my driver license, and selfie. So, if you are having to wait on ACH funds, then get this part out of the way, in case it doesn't go through right away as it did for me.

Once you have GDAX set up and fiat in your Coinbase wallet, it's time to instantly fund GDAX. You'll see I have the BTC/USD pair selected. If you click the dropdown, you'll see there is also ETH/USD and LTC/USD. Doesn't matter which you use, because you're adding USD (or whichever fiat).

You'll click on the Deposit button and then see this:

You'll click Coinbase Account, and then the Source dropdown shows you what you have in your Coinbase wallets for the trading pair. In your case, your fiat wallet will show what came in on the ACH transfer you did, so you'll be depositing that. In my case, I had about $30 of Bitcoin sitting in Coinbase, so I'm going to use that. The trading works the same way.

Now your balances will be reflected on the order form. In your case, you'd have a bunch of USD or other fiat, and no Bitcoin. It would show the same way for the other pairs, ETH/USD and LTC/USD. In my case, since I've got Bitcoin, I'm going to buy Litecoin with it, also for zero trade fee. So, I'm going to select the BTC/LTC trading pair.

Whatever pair you choose, it all works the same way. You have Market orders, and it will just take the lowest price (Ask) on offer, fill you instantly, and you pay the full fee; and you have Limit orders, where you set a price (Bid) and you only get filled once someone takes that, and they pay the whole fee.

We're buying Litecoin with Bitcoin. However, I could switch back to the BTC/USD pair and click sell in order to sell that Bitcoin for dollars. You can also do market or limit orders there so yes, you can sell back into fiat for no fee as well.

So, above, you see we're doing a Buy, Limit. In order to make it easy, you can hover over your balance of fiat or coin and click to prefill all. But first, you need to set your limit price. To do that, just click on the top green price. You can watch the order book (the green are the bids, these are the other limit orders on the books, consolidated at each price level.

As you can see, I used the 0.01971 BTC price for each Litecoin. Then, I clicked the prefill all, as already discussed, which then fills in the amount of Litecoin that will consume all of my Bitcoin.

Following me? Good, then place your order.

In a short time, it filled and you can see the details by clicking the little Fills tab in the upper right.

As you can see, the Fee is 0.0.

And now, your balance area reflects it.

Now, we want to send the fresh LTC to our Wallet. I keep mine in Jaxx, for now.

You click on the Withdraw button. In my case, because I bought LTC, I click on LTC Address, enter my wallet address, click on max to send the whole thing, then use either Authenticator (you can set it up in Coinbase) or just have them send you an SMS.

It took less than 10 seconds for it to show up (unconfirmed) in Jaxx.

And, as you can see, free. The same amount I bought for free, I transferred for free. You can also check it in Coinbase. Just go to the appropriate wallet, look at the transactions on the right column and open yours up.

So there you are. Go forth and do some free stuff.

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