#BiteSizedBasics launches Oct. 1 with your help!
Hello, everybody!

Thanks to all for the thoughtful feedback on the survey about topics for Patreon reflections. After consideration of a number of responses and discussions with some trusted advisors (read as: friends and family), it's become clear that providing introductory budgeting information needs to be my priority.

With that in mind, I'm very excited to present...

Bite-Sized Basics: An Intro to Budgeting, a 5 “bite” series launching October 1.

If we reach $500/month by October 1, then 1 “bite” per week will post throughout October, for a total of 5 posts (up from 2, currently).

Each “bite” will consist of

1 page or less of text

1 worksheet with questions or an exercise

An example, in some cases (also not even a full page of text)

Everyone who gives $1 or more will get their name on the thank you page of the PDF of all 5 “bites” (if they so choose), to be released digitally for patrons on October 31, and mid-November publicly.

A couple notes:

1. If we don’t get to $500/month, production and release of some of the "bites" might be delayed :(

2. These bites would post in lieu of reflections in October, but I would still love to receive requests for reflection topics.

3. Helping people with budgeting is my ultimate dream and creative challenge. It would be so fantastic if this were funded, for many reasons, but also because it would be just in time for my birthday (Oct. 2)!

[budgeting = best birthday ever!*]

*for me, anyway...

If you can, please consider contributing $1 to support #BiteSizedBasics, and/or share with friends and family, on social media and in person. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for being so fantastic!