BitRom Production + Ogeeku Update
Hey all! First of all, I want to thank you for continuing to support! I wanted to give our supporters some updates on where everything is heading: 1. We are preparing for this year's convention events and are locking in our plans for Anime Conji now! Anime Conji will be our first event of the year and is happening April 3rd-5th @ the Sheraton Hotel & Marina in San Diego! Your support is allowing us to expand our presence outside of the livestreaming sphere and into more in-person live events. Be sure to follow our Facebook page ( for updates. 2. Where are my rewards?! We are scaling our new lasercut BitRom production and just issued another production run of our Gray Cartridges and a series of our most popular Red Cartridges. For our $100 backers, we are finally starting to produce our new GOLD ones as well! We are anticipating these to come in (alongside some new stickers and art) in mid-March. Once they do, we will be shipping backer items from Jan & Feb. * Note: In December we changed our BitRom support goal to $30 for domestic US and $45 for international. I encourage those at the $25 to either choose the appropriate level to get a sweet BitRom. 3. We are continuing to refine our livestream and podcast programming and quality on a weekly basis. SpryCooper and Aniyoshi are leading the charge to bring you the best livestream shows across all of our hosts. Charlotte is expanding the presence of her Anime Alley podcast and will be bringing it live to our convention events. They are doing a great job and your support helps keep those shows on the air! 4. YouTube - I've been working behind the scenes on a slate of programming to bring to Ogeeku on YouTube and Facebook. You will be seeing Marque and I's Final Fantasy series returning to the screen, as well as some additional edutainment, sketches, and vlogging. We hope you'll love it. The Ogeeku team is continuing to expand thanks to your support. With expansion comes some growing pains, but we are focused to bring you quality entertainment and products throughout the year. Thank you again, Troopas! ~ Jon Brence, @ogeekusan
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