Bits & Bytes 183: The mob is back
Hello, fellow Patreons--No, wait, this is not just for my Patreons, but for everybody! This week, Bits & Bytes comes out earlier!

What's the meaning of this? Well, as you can see in the comic (check the attached files), Nolan and Gretha are ready to welcome the destructuve force of the Greek Mob of Okhlos, an Argentine game that will be available for purchase this Thursday! Of course I was gonna give it all my support!

And YOU can support the game as well! Take a look to their Steam page! And even if you don't plan on purchasing it, at least spread the word, will you?

In other news...

Still working on my other projects, and now I have done some nice progress on designs and script. My Patreons know which other projects I'm talking about, wink wink. ;)

I'll probably have more news by next Saturday, when I'll also upload Wilfreda's page early, as usual; so stay tuned for that.

All in all, I'm working my way through several interesting works. Let's see how those turn out!

Thank you all for your kind support. Come back next Saturday for an early Wilfreda comic and more news on my other projects!

(Megawacky Max)