Bits & Bytes 187: The long wait
Hello, everybody. This is a public post to present page 187 of Bits & Bytes. Why public? Simple: it's been released for all at the same time.

A huge client comes to the restaurant, but he's not the only one! Hopefully Nolan and Gretha won't leave him waiting too much. Want to find out? Check the attached files and enjoy!

In other news...

Right, so, this week my Patreons didn't get this comic earlier than everybody else. I had said in a previous post that there was a high chance of delay/cancelation of this week's comic, because I was going to be tense most of the week in regards to a family member's health status.

I am glad to say my mother is feeling perfectly fine. Everything went well.

Having gone through that, I wouldn't have finished this comic on time, so I decided to take my time, relax a little, and work on the page slower than usual. I finished it a couple hours before the end of Thursday, so I was right on time for the main release.

I should think I can work out Wilfreda's comic tomorrow, so my Patreons will have such page available on Saturday. But given that tomorrow I will have to run several errands for my mother, time will be a bit of a problem. I'll do my best, but, in the worst of cases, at least I'll make sure to finish the comic by Monday.

Next week, things should have gone back to normal.

Thank you all for your patience. See you guys in a couple of days.

(Megawacky Max)