The BivBros Show Episode One: The Wildling

So almost a year ago, as we were trying to raise funds to record Sparrow, we had the bright idea to try and get as many members of the band together on a live stream of Facebook as we could. The social media giant had just allowed the ability to "bring in a friend" while going Live, and my brother and I became guinea pigs. We were trying to reach 100% of our funding and designed the evening to approximate a telethon of old.

It was a complicated, awkward, silly hour of our lives; we had many technical difficulties. But it was a blast.

In the programming world, teams that adhere to the Agile methodology of project management meet every single work day for about fifteen minutes in the morning (at least they try to stick to fifteen minutes) either in person or via a teleconferencing software if the programmer is working from afar. They call this meeting a "stand-up". Every member of the team is required to mention one thing they accomplished the day before, one thing they need to accomplish this day, and alert everyone of any "blockers" that are in place that might keep this day's task from being completed.

Stand-ups are pretty great practices to have, and even when Ev and I weren't working with bigger teams, we'd stick to having a morning stand-up to discuss the projects that just the two of us were working on. There have been plenty of times that we've had nothing business-y to discuss, though. Sometimes having stand-up is often just an excuse to talk to a guy that, sadly, lives in different city from me.

You can ask devs that we've worked with in the past and many would confirm that having the Bivins Brothers at stand-up is basically like being a part of the BivBros Show. The most beloved things of our childhood: the superheroes of comic books and action figures based on television shows and board games with lots of weird dice didn't go away like they could have. Nope! They're celebrated more now than ever. The things we used to get made fun of for loving are now integral parts of modern culture. Even the jocks that were doing the making fun can easily converse about Marvel multiverses and the cool reboot of an uncool sci-fi show we watched when we were 11.

We're no longer alone, and what's more, you guys seem to have loved the same uncool things that we did, and don't mind us talking about them now. You also seem to enjoy our incessant musical improv (that we got from our mother, by the way) and (surprisingly blue) comic sensibilities. Evan and I basically started a Party Chat Line and invited all y'all, and you haven't hung up yet.

OK, then, you sick f&*ks! Here's The BivBros Show, a streamlined and curated half hour-ish with your (hopefully) favorite Bivinses. A tiny bit less rambling and vaguely more focused. We actually have segments, like any respectable "talk show". We spend an eternity trying to explain one in this first episode, where "d6 Degrees of Jump, Little Children" leads us to review music by a band called "The Wildling".

Does it have anything to do with the band you are currently supporting on this website? Very little. Does it matter? You decide. In some ways, it has the mostto do with Jump, Little Children, because golly: if you wanted to get to know the five members of a band you couldn't possibly do better than listening to Cool Demo and The BivBros Show. Content that could have been put out into the world in the 90s/early 2000s if someone had audio and video equipment to archive the weird stuff the five of us say and do. It's a whole lotta us.

But thank you. Thank you so much for (at least for now) supporting our creative pursuits in this way. It has been so much fun for me to do this. To put this first episode together with my brother. I have a s&*t-ton to learn, I know, and e2 is already going to be better, quality-wise. We need to work out some sound and video issues and more, but I'm energized to figure these things out. I'm starting my days so inspired, lately, and I'm having such a blast coming up with future things to do on this show. We have a ton to learn but I'm ready.

There's a side benefit to making a ridiculous talk show with my brother. The other day Evan sent me the theme song for this show, but he also sent me some fantastic changes to a song that he started writing last year. It's really working, this "being creative" thing.

We hope you like our "public stand-up"! Let us know what you think!

- Matt Bivins

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