Black and White songs [S03Ep02] Rock for You

We had a sad beginning to August with one of Patrick's family dogs being put down due to old age. Remy (Remington), the black lab, was suffering a whole lot due to everything that old age brought upon him and the family decided together that Monday was his last day of suffering.

I felt like a rock.

I had tears, but I held them in.

I had no words, but I spoke clearly

My knees were weak, but I stood strong and held other's up.

My hands were shaking, but I held Remy until his last breath.

The vet injected Remy and I felt him die. His body became a shell and his soul was finally free to be in peace. I know we did the right thing.

The last 2 days have been sad. So I decided to make an improvised song about the first thing that came to my head: being a rock. And gosh darn it, I'll make it A HAPPY SONG! There's already enough sadness in August. So here you go. A happy song about being a rock for you

As always, I'd like to give a special shout out to all of my qualifying Patron's here on Patreon who help make all of this happen...

★ pftq ★ Tommy ★ Bastian Risch ★ Yotam ★ Devon Yates ★ Kory Easterday ★ Volc Greenfire ★ Colby Scheff ★ Seth David ★ Theo Kesby ★

Thank you to everyone who supports me, I think this session will lead to a fully produced track. Maybe not exactly with the word I've sung on here today, but the gist of it. ;)  

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