Black Desert Beta Review - Where's the Conent?

After hundreds of hours poured into Black Desert Online with multiple

characters leveled, I'm sorry to report that things are NOT as amazing

as they seem in currently in the game.

Some may say that it's too

early to review a game that's in beta. But I've played countless

MMORPGs since 2001. I've participated in many Alpha and Beta testing for

these games. And gaming as a serious hobby has given me a perspective

on the way things usually go with games and their development.


won't sugar-coat Black Desert Online and it's condition, no matter how

big the hype train or how much potential it has. It is what it is as

what it is is a very pretty, but shallow game.

Calling it a

sandbox MMO is not only not an excuse, but also not true either. Black

Desert is somewhere in the middle to low end of being maybe a sandbox

game, while crawling towards having "themepark" style mmo content.


the developers expect to make Black Desert a big success, then they

have a LOT of work to do to improve the features it has, and hopefully,

add a large amount of content by the time the game is expected to

release in NA and EU next year.