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The apparent origins of these Black Eyed kids date back to 1998.  It is easily speculated that maybe this 1998 origin really just stems from the modern day interpretation and name.

For instance, David Weatherly, a professional paranormal investigator and the leading researcher of these Black Eyed Kids, has brought up a good point that maybe in the past; they were not called Black Eyed Kids or BEK. When he found other witness accounts and stories, he found extremely similar cases but of the victims calling them “demonic” or “Satan.”

The 1998 origin and where the name “Black Eyed Kid” comes from are the postings written by Texas reporter Brian Bethel. Bethel was on his way to drop off a check to pay some bills at 10 P.M. at night, he pulled over into a dimly lit parking lot at his local movie theatre where he had planned to finish writing up the check when the most unusual thing happened. 

A knock came from his window, and when he looked over he saw two children staring at him from the street. He wasn’t able to tell their ages but he guessed they were in-between 10-14. The tallest boy, who was the only one who talked to him, wore a hooded shirt and jeans. His skin was olive and he had curly, medium-length brown hair. Bethel could feel a quiet confidence from him.

The shorter boy was pale with freckles, he looked nervous compared to the other kid and was dressed very similar with a light green pull over, but the difference was that he had pale orange hair. 

The moment he looked up and saw the boys he felt an overwhelming fear rush over him. He could feel his fight or flight responses kicking in but seeing that they were only kids he tried to calm down.

He rolled down his window and asked if they needed anything.

The tall boy smiled, and immediately Bethel noticed his teeth were very, very white. The boy said that they were there to see a movie but they forgot their money at home and they needed to get home in order to get it. Regardless of saying all this, the kid was acting unusually calm for a young boy, remaining still and even speaking with a maturity that Bethel, a journalist, wasn’t used to hearing from a kid.

When Bethel didn’t respond immediately, mostly due to his fear and uncertainty of the entire matter, the boys’ began to get nervous and anxious. The boy pressured him further, claiming they were only two little boys’ who needed to get home, which only made Bethel more fearful. Something in the boys’ tone sent off alarm bells in his head and Bethel just felt all out wrong about the situation.

Bethel tried to distract the question with another, asking the boys’ what movie they were going to see. The boy responded that they were going to see Mortal Kombat, which a version of the series was indeed coming out that year. 

Bethel had a hard time responding, he was getting nervous and searched the theatre sign for accuracy on what they claimed. The tall one pushed on, asking him to let them in and that it won’t be long and they’ll be out of his way.

That’s when Bethel finally made eye contact with the taller boy; he could feel his hand straying towards the door lock and was in the process of opening it without his control when he was able to pull himself from it. He looked away from the boy. It was the first time he noticed their eyes and how black they were. Their eyes had no pupils, just an oily coal color that reflected the lights that surrounded them. 

When Bethel glanced back he could tell by the boys’ faces that they figured out he was on to them. The tall one was full of anger and the smaller one looked horrified, like a kid would when they’ve been caught doing something they weren’t supposed too. 

The taller one continues, “Come on, mister, we won’t hurt you. You have to let us in. We don’t have a gun.”

That was it, Bethel reached for his gear shift and before he was able to rip the car into reverse and tore out of the parking lot he heard the taller boy say, “We can’t come in unless you tell us it’s okay, let us in!”

When he drove from the parking lot he noticed the boys’ were gone and the sidewalk by the theater was deserted. 

Later a friend suggested to him they were probably vampires, since many vampires in the European history have to be invited inside, and some can even hypnotize.

Regardless of his story, it has become one of the classic examples of what a creepypasta is today. Bethel maintains his belief that his experience is legitimate and even in 2012 told his story on the reality T.V. Series, “Monsters and Mysteries in America.”


The first two stories I will be telling are quick renditions of two stories I found on the website Week in Weird. (You can check out their site in the description below.) I will like to say that I am not 100% sure on the believability of the stories for I am not sure on the accuracy of the site. It is run by a professional cryptozoologist/paranormal researcher but the site itself doesn’t scream “authentic” to me as a book or historic records would. 

- Vermont

The woman who told this story never gave a name, so I am going to call her Jane. Jane was woken from a loud banging coming from her front door. With a snowstorm going on outside, she thought that maybe someone got into an accident and needed help. She got out of bed, went to the front door but feeling wary, she first peered out the window.

There wasn’t a car in sight but there were footprints in the snow and she could tell someone was standing in front of the door. Already feeling a little uncomfortable, she woke her husband and stood in the hallway when he answered the door. Standing in the snow, looking down at the ground were two kids, one a boy and one a girl, both not having been more than 8 years old.

They both were wearing strange outfits with odd haircuts. The girl had very long, straight hair and the boy had a dated haircut that reminded her of a bowl cut. They were definitely not dressed for winter. Jane’s normal instinct would to rush the children inside but she felt strange…The children would not make eye contact even when her husband asked if they were okay and where their parents were.

The children told them that their parents would be there soon, but it was 2 in the morning; as strange as it was, Jane still wanted to believe that maybe there was an accident. But as much as she wanted to believe that, her instincts told her otherwise. They decided to let the children in, and while the children and her husband waited in the living room Jane went to the kitchen to get everyone something to drink. She could hear her husband ask them questions but they always answered with the same, “our parents will be here soon.” Remark.

Jane noticed that their normally charismatic four cats, remained hidden while the kids ere inside. One of them even had all the fur on its neck and tail standing up, puffed and raised. She returned to the living room, the kids were sitting on the couch and her husband had his head in his hands. He told her that he felt dizzy but that he was fine. With the children inside, they were able to see more clearly that their eyes were completely black with no glint of any other colors. When the children noticed them staring, they asked if they could use the restroom. Jane showed them the way and hurried back to her husband. 

Her husband’s nose started to bleed, something that never has happened before. She felt as if that this sudden nose bleeds and dizziness had to be a cause due to the children. And that’s when the power went out. She left to go get a tissue for her husband and when she did she could hear her husband yell her name from the living room, she ran back to find the two children standing at the end of the hallway. They were unmoving, still like stone but she never felt so much fear in her life.

The boy said, “Our parents are here.” And the two children walked to the front door, opened it and walked out, leaving the door wide open. Jane and her husband both looked out the window to see two men standing by a black car that was sitting idle at the end of their driveway. They were wearing black suits and were very tall.

After they left, about a half an hour later, the power came back on. Over the next few months three of their cats went missing. Jane and her husband found one of their cats in a puddle of blood in the living room the cat looked like he had been vomiting blood and the vet told them that the cat had some kind of hemorrhage.

Jane’s husband nosebleeds became a regular occurrence. They went to the doctor but he couldn’t sum it up to anything other than “Dry nasal passages.” But then he was diagnosed with an aggressive skin cancer. The doctor asked them if he was using tanning beds, which he hadn’t but the kind of melanoma is linked to over usage of indoor tanning. The doctors think he will recover but it was still abnormally odd how bad it got so quickly. Her husband was never the type to work outside and spent little time in the sun. 

Jane herself started suffering from regular dizzy spells and nosebleeds on a normal basis. Problems at which she never had before. 

- A friend of Jamilyn 

This story is told from Jamilyn – of her friend who had an experience with the Black Eye Kids. Due to not having his name also, I am going to call him Joe. 

Joe had visited a friend in California; on his way back he stopped at a bar to have a drink before going to a hotel for the night. Before he would leave he had become good friends with the beautiful bartender who served him his drinks. She offered him her house to stay at, telling him that he could leave his car at the bar since her house was in a remote area that could be a confusing drive back from. 

When they arrived at her house, they had a sexual experience. Joe would later tell Jamilyn that during the entire time he arrived and during his sexual events, he felt very fearful. He said he felt that way because she was acting normal and sounded almost inhuman.

While she slept in the bed next to him, he got up to get a glass of water, as he walked to the kitchen he said he saw frightening-looking children walking around the place. Not having seen them before in the large two story house, and them appearing when it was 2-3 am in the morning had him not only suspicious but become even more afraid. All the children looked at him with completely black eyes, and the more he saw their eyes the more he felt a horrible feeling overwhelmed him.

The next day, the woman did return him to the bar but instead of driving up to the bar fully, she forced him out and made him walk the rest of the way.

Jamilyn said she met up with him a week or two after his encounter and he seemed perfectly fine if not a little frazzled bit. A month after that he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and no medication or treatment could impact his condition. Before he died six months after his diagnosis, he truly believed it was all caused by the experience he had with the black eyed children.

These following stories come from the mouth and hard research of David Weatherly, a professional paranormal researcher and explorer, a man whose put 40 years into the study of all things related to paranormal and Ufology. Instead of getting the stories from forums or sent to him via email, he goes to the people and interviews them personally or looks up historical records. These are just a couple from his research out of the many. 

- 1974 / Picardi, Aisne, France.

This report comes from the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (N.I.C.A.P). Two men known as Alain and Patrick were driving through a small village. It was around 3 P.M. when they decided to turn around and take a different route. When turning, Patrick noticed something near the last house in the village that made him hit the brakes. 

In the courtyard of the house were five small figures, three of the five stood in the background, huddled together. Another was tracing its hands along the home, and the last figure stood facing the two in the car. Alain rolled down his window to get a better look. He said, “His blood ran cold when facing the being.” All five characters were just over four feet tall, dressed in long garments that almost reached the ground. The garments had multicolored spots, and the beings themselves had earthy yellow skin and long hair that fell to their backs and waist. Their noses were compressed inwards and eyes were enormous, solid black hemispheres the size of billiard balls.

The being closest to the car began to wave Patrick and Alain to come over, but the motion scared Alain that he screamed in terror for Patrick to drive away. He hit the gas pedal and they sped off and out of the area. Later, they told several locals of what they had witnessed, but when they returned hours later they found no sign of the small beings anywhere. 

It took eight months for an investigator to finally come to the scene, he spoke to the nearby residents and was only able to find a neighbor who said they had noticed the beings on the road in front of the home, and he described them as “Children dressed in yellow oilcloth.”

While this case is a pre-internet account, it doesn’t completely fit the look and attitude of your typical black eyed kid but relatively close.


Harold was sixteen when he was making the long walk home from a friend’s house. He was making his way down a dirt road when he noticed a small figure leaning against a fence. The closer he got the more he was able to notice that the figure was a boy and not someone he knew, he felt unusual about this, since in his small town everyone known one another. He asked the boy if he was alright, but the boy at first didn’t respond but after a moment, he finally said, “I want to go to your house. Take me to your house.”

A chill ran through Harold and he wasn’t sure how to respond. The boy looked up at him, and Harold could see a pair of solid black eyes starting up at him with desperation. Instead of feeling the need to help the boy, he felt glued in place and terrified. Frantically, Harold looked up the road, plotting a plan of escape but as he did, the boy said, “Now don’t you run away from me. You’re going to walk me to your house.” 

Harold felt threatened and without another thought, he ran for it and as he did he could hear a screeching wail behind him, a sound similar to that of a bobcat. When he reached his house he flung open the door and burst inside, startling his parents who asked what was wrong. He explained to them what he had seen. His father, always having been protective, grabbed his shotgun and headed for the road and searched for this boy his son saw, but he found no sign of him anywhere. 

The family was left wondering what Harold has experienced, but his mother feared that it had been the devil himself, so afraid of that thought; she brought Harold to the local clergy to be blessed.

What are they?:

What are the Black Eyed Kids?

David Weatherly had made a point during an interview about his research. He wanted to look deep into the history of the first sightings and if they surpassed the modern day name of BEK. What he found was what he expected, before the 1990s; they weren’t referenced as Black Eyed Kids but plenty of other names.

From Devils, to vampires, to demons, to aliens and so on; it all depends on the mindset of the victim and their beliefs but they have been seen, as you can tell with the last two stories. 

The size of these creatures or the color isn’t what frightens people. It’s those black eyes and unsettling aura. How they spoke almost robotically with no emotions, pushing their demands to the point of threatening and their odd behavior that has them standing stiff and still unlike what a normal, unsettling child is like. 

In Weatherly’s examination he pointed out many similarities, in some if not all of his cases, that these children feed off the fear of their victims, much like a demon does or a vampiric spirit, they are able to read emotions and the minds of those they approach; again similar to a demon. 

In all cases their goal seems to be in the intent of getting close to their victim or witness, to the extreme point of entering their home, vehicle or establishment. They want in and are clear they want it and even threatening to get it. And like most home owners say, “The home is where the heart is.” It is also where we feel the safest, we put our souls and spirits into and where our weaknesses and strengths can be perceived the best. 

Alien or interdimensional:

I might be young with little field research under my belt but I’ve grown into the world of the paranormal, supernatural and things creepy and bizarre since before I can remember. My parents would have me watch unexplained mysteries, 1980 werewolf, zombie, and vampire movies since I was a babe. They didn’t want me afraid of these things if they were real or not, especially since my mother is a horror freak. 

And that doesn’t make me an expert but I did start doing heavy research into these creatures since I was ten and heard a rumor a dragon was found on a beach (of course it didn’t happen, kids were being kids) but I really became fascinated with researching and learning that it became an everyday thing to look it up online or read books on them. I would spend hours at the book store reading the entire new age section where these books were at. 

And not once have I heard of an Alien having to be invited in. Maybe out of the years of data that many can’t get their hands on due to police reports or not being in the localized area where the true records are at has limited my knowledge but out of the hundreds I have heard of I still can’t recall an alien needing to be invited in or even looking like a child. Like a human child.

Yes, the big, buggy black eyes are the only similarity I personally can see but that is literally all.

Science has been dabbling with the idea and research of interdimenions for years on years; it can be a definite reality for us. It could be five dimensions; it could be thousands, much like our galaxy. And I can’t exactly say, “It’s not possible” for these Black eye kids to not be from one of these dimensions but what I asked myself when people say it’s a possibility is this:

Why here? Out of all the dimensions – why leave yours and come here and why not somewhere else? 

It just seems odd and extremely bizarre. I know us humans, like to believe we are superior and have meaning, but to vampires, demons, aliens, ghosts, loch ness, big foot and all the others, we’re merely insects to be tested on, observed, or eaten.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. For all I know, all those creatures could be from another dimension that just happened to open up and drop them into ours.

Demon or Vampire:

There are thousands, upon thousands of historic and recent sightings of demons and vampires. The modern day has perceived vampires as beautiful, alluring creatures that are meant to be a bad romance but in the historical terms that’s not all true.

Almost – if not all – countries have some sort of history, legend or folktale on vampires and demons, amongst plenty of other creatures. Most vampires are ugly creatures that look undead, or just as they had been the person passed; not many look unearthly beautiful (except for a small few and most of those are females and can also be related to demons in some sorts). 

And there are histories, tales and accounts of vampires needing to be invited inside a home. A good example is the strigoii from the Romanian belief. A strigoii is a vampire that can shape shift into animal or human form after death of its living time. They can appear as children, can have different eye colors such as red, yellow or black. They don’t always have to feed on humans and can eat human food. They can read emotions and thoughts and manipulate humans.

The downside to the theory is that most Strigoi, after dying in their human life generally go back to their families to kill them off and don’t generally make it a habit on knocking on peoples doors just to be let in and walk out without doing much of anything else (as in some cases have shown.) In some cases though, depending on how they turned or are perceived, strigoi can be female witches as well. 

Now demons? 

We all know that demons have no problem with jumping into our skins and controlling us. Most of the time they do jump into the skin of a child, it is easier to control the innocence of a child and get what they want out of the parents of that child. But it is true that a lot of times they have to be invited in, in some way or form. At least, that’s what the bible says.

In the name of the the Holy Bible, apparently demons have to follow two rules.

One is that a demon cannot hear your thoughts. Demons are quite adept at studying and predicting human behavior, and them not being able to hear your thoughts allows your prayers in life to remain private and are in fact also incantations that demons can perceived to flee from. 

Two, demons must be invited. Demons only arrive when the door has been opened with invitation, sinful human behavior, or when the human spirit or astral being are willing to leave the body. 

I don’t think demons follow the rules very well. After all, they are demons? Lucifer was God’s favorite angel; most beloved and still he broke the rules and made his own kingdom full of fallen angels. He had no problem with tempting Eve or manipulating people to commit sins, and due to these sins people have caused genocides and the such. It seems that Lucifer has no problem with breaking rules but what about his minions?

I have read tons of cases, stories and seen movies and clips of documented exorcisms or cases involving demons. They seem to literally know everything about anyone they get their eyes onto. “Oh, you’re the father of this child? I also know you fucked the next door neighbor, I know exactly where, who and when too.”

Praying around them does little to nothing instead of amuse them. It shows them you have enough fear to be asking God or his angels for help and that your that desperate that you can physically do anything. They feed off your fear, anger, sadness, depression and so on. They can manipulate the person they possess and those around them especially if they are of the higher ranks in hell.

Matter in fact; some demons don’t even need to possess people. Angels can come down from heaven, disguised as a human because their angelic light will burn out our eyes, and give strength, messages and advice to those in need – something they do little of. So why can’t demons? They are after all, fallen angels. 

It’s very rarely heard of but demons can come to earth in the shape of humans, what better to control or manipulate other humans than an innocent child? 

And when possessed, people have been said to have had their eyes turn different colors. Yellow, nasty green colors, reds, and black.

And if it is not for possession, what else? Maybe they are the spawn of human and demons, something succubus’and incubus’ are noted in doing in most historical readings. With them being children, they need to feed and get their strength by other means. Maybe by entering the house of a victim so they can feed off their fears and their souls.

After having sex with an incubus or a succubus, it is not unheard of to die from disease. Which in some of these accounts, people had been diagnosis with cancer after having met these children. Or at least it is claimed.

I only one last debate on the whole demon matter. There are cases where animals respond with fear or anger to these children. I can’t recall reading anything on animals responding to vampires in that matter, or at least to strigoi. I know dogs tend to bark when they sense an alien sighting will occur within minutes of the matter. But one thing I know for sure – animals of all sorts respond to spirits in some manner, and they get worse the more dangerous the spirit is – including demons. 

The stronger the spirit, the more possibility of the animals dying also.


My conclusion is that these black eye children may be more closely related to demons than anything else I’ve researched but that is ONLY my opinion and not the opinion of other researchers that have better odds getting their hands on real records at libraries or have connections to historians around the globe and the such. 

The puzzle piece just fits better than the others.