The Black Files Network Cartoon Series!
 WANT TO REACH OUR YOUTH TO SAVE THEIR SOULS in Jesus Christ? TBF  Ministries is creating an animation series of the gospel we're  constantly being told is VISUALLY amazing and will make you proud!!  Studies have shown that children will receive messages quicker and  easier if it's done in animation. (A major reason Sesame Street is so  powerful) Ever notice how a child can sit for hours watching and  re-watching the same cartoon video everyday? Imagine how relaxed you  will feel knowing that they will  ACTUALLY be watching something wholesome and important! It will free  parents to get a few extra minutes of rest as well as other things  around the house! Support is needed however and all we are asking is $3 a  month. This is so small an amount it's cheaper than a combo meal! You  will be one of the Founders of this anointed ministry and will be  directly responsible for helping save so many souls!! [1 Corinthians  3:13] Think about this: It will still be here saving souls even after we  are called to paradise. Think about that! You will be literally  gathering rewards in eternity like the billionaires on earth get from  their investments. Only YOUR rewards will be Eternal and can never be  stolen, never rust, never break and never wear away! [1 Corinthians 2:9  Matthew 6:19-21] Any supporter is entitled to a FREE annual DVD series  if they get their contribution in before the deadline. The first is  projected to be released THIS November/December 2017. Postage is free in  USA and Canada. (offer good until September 30th @ midnight eastern  standard time) Please go to:  you will see some of the work in progress and be helping reach our  youth with righteous messages instead of the many evil communications  they are exposed to daily! Meanwhile, continued blessings upon you and  all that you love! TBF-Ministries A.G.Alexander / Dr. Martin Mangleman /  Kwame' Alexander