Black Mass Production has Begun
Hello everyone. Last night at about 7pm, we started production on my newest short Black Mass. We were a bit worried that extras may not arrive, that the lights and camera may have an issue shooting out on a muddy beach, that our main actors would have trouble with the material. The night started badly, no extras, long walk to location and the generator was totally busted. Not good. But luckily we were filming on the Sony A7s which shoots extreme low light without grain so we lit the entire scene with fires and flashlights. Ho-ly shit. About an hour after we started, extras started arriving in droves and they brought their own costumes and they were insane and it was wonderful. We shot until around 2am and they were just lovely and perfect. So much so that I asked them to be in the rest of the movie so that's gonna happen now. Today were shooting interiors on the sound stage, we're going to be building sets for most of the day but were already pretty close and it looks really great. I'm super happy and confident in the film thus far and I can't wait for you to see it. <3 Nyx